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March 12, 2003


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About Us

Founded in 1997, E-tools Software produces and markets software products that allow companies and individuals to capitalize on business opportunities created by the Internet revolution. The company’s product line includes tools and utilities that help Web Sites become more efficient, while generating more income. E-Tools Software sells its products worldwide through e-commerce channels.

E-Tools Software has a complete line of software products designed to improve computer users’ productivity and efficiency, while saving them time and money. Traffic Builder software primary focus is developing and marketing Internet utilities for small to medium-sized businesses and the small office/home office (SOHO) market. The E-tools Software product line includes mainly productivity and communications software titles.


Web Site Traffic Builder

Traffic Builder Web Site Traffic Builder is a site promotion and registration tool that allows users to submit site profiles to more than 600 search engines, Internet directories and newsgroups. The program and service submits to the top 20 engines and directories, including Yahoo!, Google, MSN and AOL, as well as many industry-specific and international engines.

To register a site, users simply enter keywords, description about their site and the program takes care of the submission process. Traffic Builder's Express Service guarantees listings on many top search engines in 48 hours.

The Traffic Builder program also contains a number of additional programs that aid users in the submission process and help to improve search engine placement. The program maintains a submission database and tracks the success and failure of each submission. Additional features include search engine web site optimization that reviews a site’s content and optimizes it to meet current submission guidelines. A link checker, a link analyzer that checks the number of outside links to improve site popularity.

Web Site Traffic Builder allows users to submit profiles for an unlimited number of Web sites and URLs.

Mass e-Mailer

Mass e-Mailer helps users create and manage an Internet marketing campaign. The program helps users quickly and easily create an e-mail distribution list containing an unlimited number of recipients, then rapidly broadcast messages and other important information to key contacts. Key features include creating and managing mailing lists; import and export lists using tab, comma and space-delimited text formats; distributing batch e-mails; mail exclusions; and configuration for multiple users and multiple mail servers.

Spy Ware Killer

Imagine you own a small company that has a few high-profile clients. One day you discover that confidential data you store about these clients--credit card numbers, personal contact information, and promotional plans--is being broadcast over the Web for all to see. You have no clue how it's happening or how to stop it. This actually happened!

Spy Ware Killer technology blocks intrudes from ever planting any malicious spy bug on your PC. Acting like a force field you PC and personal information is protected 24 hours a day.

Spy Ware Killer also stops your PC from sending cookies and prohibits data leaks so hackers can't see your personal information. Easy to use and installs in minutes adding professional power protecting hackers from stealing your personal financial history, credit card information, and passwords.

Web Site Traffic Analyzer

Web Site Traffic Analyzer delivers lightning fast web site log analysis generating useful statistics and reports for any size of organization.

Web Site Traffic Analyzer is a must for anyone with a Web site. All hits on a web page generate a log file. The gathering and log analysis of statistics and activity information to show patterns and performance from these log files is a marketing essential. Web Site Traffic Analyzer is not just a hit counter, but a powerful and essential marketing software.

Pay Per Click Analyzer

Pay Per Click Analyzer bid management software allows online advertisers to manage thousands of keyword bids and marketing campaigns simultaneously across major domestic and international pay-per-click search engines. Providing bid management sites such as Overture, FindWhat, Kanoodle, Sprinks and many more. It optimizes your bids and positions in leading pay-per-click Internet search engines, which saves time and money, improves ROI, and increases Web site traffic. Pay Per Click Analyzer offers real time bid management along with our exclusive tracking tools.


The market for E-Tools Software products are primarily small businesses and small office/home office users. The advent of the Internet age has created a number of opportunities for businesses of all sizes to sell products and services to consumers and to other businesses. However, the cost of entering this market may be out of reach for some smaller businesses.

Traffic Builder software programs have been designed to lower the costs of entering the online marketplace, making the establishment of an online business more accessible to small businesses. Intelliquis’ software enables small businesses to accomplish many of the same marketing functions previously available to larger companies, such as Web site submissions and promotions, PC protection and broadcast e-mail.

According to NUA Analysis, an Internet research firm, 200 million people across the world currently have Internet access. NUA Analysis predicts this number will grow to 500 million by the year 2003. On a related note, Forrester Research predicts explosive growth in business-to-consumer and business-to-business e-commerce spending with an increase in Internet usage. Forrester’s report stated business-to-consumer and business-to-business e-commerce spending accounted for approximately $18 billion and $109 billion respectively in 1999, growing into $108 billion and $1.3 trillion by 2003.

The growth in Internet access and e-commerce presents Intelliquis with an opportunity to grow its market share and enter new markets with its products. As more and more companies turn to the Internet for e-commerce functions, demand will increase for software products and utilities that will enhance and add value to their Internet sites. As a result, Intelliquis plans to promote its existing Internet utilities, while developing, producing and marketing new products over the coming year and beyond.

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